About Kristina Lynn

Graces of God

This messy, crazy, world has been more good to me than bad.  I have a fabulous, good looking husband who loves his kids and me and his job and all thing “boy.”

Love of My Life, Ball Game, Royals

Add that to our three wild, crazy-haired, blue-eyed girl-children that bring glitter and Barbies and bugs into our home at alarming rates.
Blue eyes, suckers, Disney World Hollywood Studios

By trade, I’m an educator.  I am blessed beyond belief to work at a Catholic grade school in my hometown of Kansas City, MO as an assistant principal.  There’s no doubt God dropped me there, but that’s another story.  By passion, I’m a writer.  I always have been. Stories constantly played in my head…stories with little brown-haired girls with big families and lots to prove. I’d pluck these stories out on my sister’s Brother Word Processor and  proudly print and share to anyone willing to read.

My parents surrounded me with an the best example of human love that can be found…it’s almost gross.  Aren’t they cute??


Luck of the birth lottery won me five older siblings who’ve given me a slew of nieces and nephews.  Here I am with the crew circa 1991 and a couple of their sweethearts.  I’m the girl wearing  socks with sandals.  80s hair, siblings, family photo

I’m surrounded by love.  By God’s love.  Life isn’t always peaches.  There are tears and fears and frustrations and fights.  But me, what I’m about, is the graces in my life.  This is what makes me up.  As a mom, a wife, and a child of God.