Love Subscriptions

Aren’t subscriptions fun? It could be books, clothes, magazines, boxes. Doesn’t matter…I love them!

My kids have entirely too many toys and clothes. And I’m always searching for different gift ideas. Subscriptions have turned out to be that key.

The neat thing about them is this:

  • You can usually buy a year’s worth, month-by-month, or anywhere in between. Perfect for any budget.
  • They offer a fun opportunity for me to sit down with my kids and do something educational and fun and different. It’s been a wonderful bonding experience.
  • Who doesn’t love getting mail!?

Here’s what I currently subscribe to and a review of some. There are links for you to explore on your own.

For the Kids:

Little Passports

Little Passports has been sooo much fun in our house. Each of my older two girls gets a subscription. Click the picture or here to just go to the website already. 🙂

Come back soon to see my review of two of their products.

An even cooler part of Little Passports is it is available for the classroom! It’s an affordable and fun option to teach geography to your students. If I was still in the classroom, I’d be swooping this up for sure! Click here for more info.

Babybug Magazine

This magazine is the ultimate cuteness. If you have a child ages 0-3, they’ll love this. It is just right for read aloud and it comes in a sturdy material so you’re little one can slobber, rip, pull, and play. They also have magazines with quality pieces for children aged 3-6 (Ladybug), 7-9 (Spider), 9-13 (Cricket), and 14+ (Cicada). There is something for the whole family. Visit Cricket Media to check it out!

For the Grownups:

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix
I cannot say enough about Stitch Fix. It is so much fun. You fill out a style profile, which is fun to do. Then you get adorable clothes in the mail once a month. I’ve included a ton of photos in my review.

Or if you already convinced to check it out, click here.

Dollar Shave

This isn’t exciting or sexy, but it is a great product. And you know what else? It’s necessary.

I’m pretty bad about purchasing razors. Because it’s boring and pricey. But with Dollar Shave, you get a quality razor and blades shipped to you as frequently as you choose. There is something for every budget and is for females or males.


What items do you subscribe to? Worth the money? Comment with a link! I’d love to try it out!