Kid-Lit Club

I love to read. This is, like, one of the best things of life. And I love to share my love with my kids and, when I was teaching, my students. So I guess it makes sense to share my love here…with you!


Stupidly Sad Chapter Books You Need to Read Already

Those who love to read often love the emotional ties that come with it. Though, I had to stop reading Jodi Picoult books because my heart doctor said so (I joke, I joke). Because my passion is in children’s literature I created a short list of books for you to share (or not share) with your children and your students that help bring out the emotion inside all of us.

Books for Gritty Girls

10 Chapter Books for Gritty Girls

Mom of three little girlies, here. Just kind of hoping to surround them with some super female characters whom they can look up to. Here are 10 of my favorites, but there are so many more!